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3-Way Messenger

Recruiting Scripts

"Copy & Paste” These PROVEN Word-for-Word

3 Way Messenger Recruiting Scripts to Quickly & Easily Enroll 10-15 New Team Members per Week

Plus You’ll Also Discover…

    • Why 3-way messenger is a powerful, rejection-free alternative to traditional 3-way calls… and how you can leverage it to sponsor a LOT more people.
    • How to use voice chat… and the very first thing you MUST do to put your prospects at ease and make them much more receptive to your business
    • A very simple 60-second tactic to gain INSTANT credibility and authority with your prospects... even if you're brand spankin' new.
    • What NEVER to say in your chats... many networkers make this innocent mistake and fuel their prospects' existing skepticism... forcing them to put up their guard.  You’ll see how to AVOID this and create rapport instead… as well as immediately stack the odds of recruiting them in YOUR favor.