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How To Deal With Rejection In Network Marketing

Let’s face it…

One of the biggest struggles network marketers face is how to deal with rejection in network marketing.

Were you expecting to get so much rejection when you first started your home business?

Frankly, I was quite shocked with the amount of rejection, especially by the people I love most.

If you had or are having the same experience, I know how you feel... It totally SUCKS!

But I can tell you that I figured out a way to deal with rejection with ease. 

But before we dive into the content, does any of the following answers sound familiar to you?

  • I’m Not Interested 
  • It's not for me
  •  I don’t have the time
  • You’re wasting your time, only people at the top make money

Here’s the truth…

You can’t completely eliminate rejection but you have the choice on how to deal with it.

Although, no one enjoys rejection and it hurts when we get it...

Rejection doesn’t have to hold you back. There are ways that you can literally obliterate rejection from your business and I’m going to show you how in this post!

Get Ready To Kick Rejection To The Curb!

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Today’s post you’re going to discover how to deal with rejection in network marketing in three simple steps…

How To Deal With Rejection

Accept Rejection As Part Of Your Journey

Here's why... 

  1. Learning how to deal with rejection in network marketing will help you lessen your frustrations and bounce back to your normal emotional state... (Making prospecting and recruiting easier)
  2. Keep reminding yourself that you can't control how other people think or say and you may be even thankful for this experience in the future.
  3. Stop blaming and criticizing yourself... Be your best friend and believe in yourself.
  4. If you're NOT getting " NOs" from your prospects it simply means you're not getting out of your comfort zone and you're not working your business.
  5. Take action despite your results

How To Deal With Rejection In Network Marketing Step 1 

How To Deal With Rejection

Don't Attach Yourself To The Outcome

When I first started my business, I couldn't understand why people didn't want to join. I kept getting no after no. 

In fact, it took my wife's help to get me my first few customers. I guess they couldn't resist her beautiful looks... LOL

Oh, and after my 3 months in the business, I was finally able to sponsor my first associate into my team but...

The worse part was, friends and family criticized what I was doing instead of supporting my business. And they made me feel  like I was committing a crime. 

Although, once I understood that people weren't saying no to me but rather to the business, it was the first step to get over rejection. 

 Have you ever gone out to a restaurent  to eat and your server reports to you the daily specials and you tell your server " NOT INTERESTED IN ANY OF THE SPECIALS"

Do you think your server thinks he/she was rejected? Or simply just keep working without thinking... "OH MY GOD I WAS JUST REJECTED"

How To Overcome Rejection

The answer is pretty obvious right? They never think it that way!

That's exactly how you'll want to think when prospecting!


My mentor Ferny told me once.. Pedro it's not about you but rather about your prospects and how you can truly serve them.

That was a huge aha moment for me!

That's the reason I wrote this post so I can serve you.

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How To Deal With Rejection In Network Marketing Step 2 

How Deal With Rejection In Network Marketing

Check If your Prospect Is Open

The biggest mistakes most network marketers probably make when prospecting offline or online is that they get supper excited about their business and...

They start vomiting about their business when talking to prospects and say things like... 

  • How great the company is
  • How amazing the products or services are
  • It's the fastest growing company in the world
  • They have a new revolutionary product
  • They have the best compensation plan in the business.

The previous statements may just be all true but you get the point right?

Your prospect doesn't care about all of those things...

Here's what your prospect cares and is thinking about:

  • How can you help me?
  • What's in it for me?
  • And can I do it?

So instead what you ought to do is:

  • Get to know your prospects
  • Be genuinely interested in them and ask questions 
  • Investigate what problems they are having in their lives and if your product or service solves their problem then ask if they are open to learn more about your deal.
  • Be a good listener
  • Relate and use the FEEL, FELT, FOUND, strategy.
  • Lastly, be curious and check if your prospect is open to check out your deal without sounding salesy or pushy.

How To Deal With Rejection In Network Marketing Step 3 

How To Deal With Rejection

You Don't Need Them... They Need You.

Think about it... You have the solution to your prospect's problems that can set them free in their lives but they have to say YES! 

Now, don't be arrogant about it because it won't serve you or them. LOL 

Although, you must keep your posture and be confident on what you have to offer. After all confidence attracts and people love to be surrounded by confident people.

Which leads me to tell you...

Surround yourself with positive people and keep your mind in a healthy state.

After all, keeping a healthy and a positive state of mind will lead you to overcome rejection with ease.

Therefore, don't beat yourself up. When things go wrong tell yourself tomorrow is a new day.

Don't let rejection define you.

Learn from your experiences and ask yourself... 

  • What did I learn from this experience?
  • What didn't work?
  • What can I do differently that will help me overcome rejection and keep my business moving forward rather then staying stuck, frustrated and feeling down. 

All you have to do is see rejection for what it is...

It’s an indicator. It’s an educator.

It’s telling us that we need to work on something.

Most entrepreneurs experience rejection when they’re trying to generate leads and prospects.

They pester their friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers.

I've done it myself and it's something that I'm not proud of!

How To Deal Rejection In Network Marketing

Hearing “no” from those people closest to us stings the most.

These same eager network marketers stalk malls, restaurants, and street corners trying to engage strangers, talk about their product or service, and turn them into leads and prospects.

They drop flyers, business cards, and brochures everywhere they go.

And they get LOTS of rejection.

So we network marketers need to work on generating prospects, leads, and sales every day, while working through our own challenges regarding rejection.

We need to know who to talk to, how to talk to them, and what to say to demonstrate the value of our offer

Luckily there’s a system you can use to generate leads and prospects automatically, 24/7, using the Internet.

Using the principle of attraction marketing, you can attract people who are already interested in what you have to offer—instead of having to chase them down.

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Fear Of Rejection In Network Marketing

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It just might help you help a lot more people.

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Hope you enjoyed today's blog on how to deal with rejection In network marketing.


Pedro Neves

Pedro Neves

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