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Four Personality Colors Every Network Marketer Should Know

Why is it important for you to know your prospect’s personality color?

I imagine you would agree that your prospects are humans and not just a number despite what some networkers may say.

So, if you are looking to boost your sign-ups so you can grow a big team it's rather important to understand what type of personality your prospect is.

But before we cover the 4 personality types have you ever asked yourself this question...

"What personality color am I?"

Think about it... Before you can understand someone's personality color don't you want to know which personality you are?


In today's blog post you're going to discover the 4 different personality colors so you can enroll serious teammates with ease. 

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The experts say there are FOUR different personality colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green.

Lets start with yellow....

They love to help others.

Are very optimistic and love to make great impressions upon others.

Why is yellow an important personality color to know about?

Because when you are talking about your company, you need to focus on their traits, on their personality.

You want to talk about the culture of your company.

You'll want to cover your team's goals, the support system available that help every to succeed.

Going over your company's mission, vision and causes they fight for and contribute to are also important to touch base.

Your prospects will relate to the passion and culture which are within line of their personality.

Remember baby steps otherwise, your prospect gets overwhelmed and begins to believe they can do it.

How about the red personality color?

Red that loves to take a challenge, so challenge them.

They like to see immediate results and are money driven.

So when prospecting a red personality, you want to focus on money and results.

A great way to talk about results without sounding too hype is sharing your team achievements.

You can also share a story of one of your team members that had success once got started.

If you can share the story of someone you know that has the same profession as your prospect, it would be very beneficial.

In fact, it would ideal because they can immediately relate to the story picture themselves having success as well.

Here's something you must keep in mind...

Red personalities like to be in control. So you'll want to pay close attention when prospecting a red one.

After all, the person in charge of the conversation is more likely to determine the end result of the conversation.

A great way to take charge of the conversation is by asking questions.

It makes them feel they are being heard and you're interested in what they have to say.

Now prospects with green color personalities are very loyal and good listeners.

They are consistent, collected, reliable, easy going and pretty laid back. 

These folks are great additions to a team because they  tend to be very supportive and team players.

Keep in mind, they do not like exaggerated facts. I suggest to keeping it real with them.

So don't even try to be a bit hype or they will call you out on it.

Lastly blue personality...

They're very friendly and warm. They love to have fun with high energy, and love to go on vacation.

When you’re prospecting them, be careful.

They are precise, to the point and very analytical. They may want to know all the specifics about your industry, compensation plan etc...

If you give them assignments, they will complete them.

However, focus on all the fun they can you have.

You can talk about team getaways and all the excitement when everyone gets together.

Share the trips you’ve taken or the promotions your company puts out to earn get away trips.

The whole point of knowing your prospect personality color is to help you engage and build a deeper connection. 

They will also see the benefits of joining you, your team and your company.

In conclusion, all personality types are important, and it’s not like you don’t want to work with one over the other.

It’s just by understanding what colors they are, it gives you a head start, so you can better understand your prospect problems challenges and dreams.

By understanding them, you can better help them. In turn, you will recruit more people into your business.

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Hope you got value in today's post, Four Personality Colors Any Network Marketer Should Know.


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