What To Do When You Get Leads Online For Your Network Marketing Business

What To Do When You Get Leads Online For Your Network Marketing Business

Congratulations, you have generated leads online

Now you’re probably thinking what’s next. What do I do when I get leads online, right?

I know how you feel, and it can be pretty scary...

Especially, if you’re uncomfortable connecting and talking to people or don’t know what to say.

The good news is…

I got your back and in today’s post, I’m going to walk you through exactly what to do and what to say to convert your mlm lead into a raving customer or a new team member.

Although, you may be generating leads online, they may not be the most qualified for your business so…

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What To Do When You Generate Leads Online

What To Do When You Get Leads Online

The first thing you ought to do once you get leads online is to connect with the lead and find their need.

And if you’re wondering how soon you should connect with the lead…

The answer is simple... As soon as you possibly can.


For the simple fact, your prospect is looking for an answer to solve a problem they have and…

You’re the person that is most fresh in their mind.

Furthermore, we live in a society that seeks immediate gratification so the faster you connect with your prospect...

...you will dramatically increase your odds to effectively convert them as your customer or team builder.

Now, this may seem obviously but most marketers get this wrong often, let me explain…

Most marketers get so eager to make a sale and/or to recruit someone to the team that they forget the most important aspect of building a successful business which is…

  • Building a relationship
  • Get the prospect to know, like and trust you
  • Focus on the prospect's problems before attempting to pitch them anything

Makes sense right?

Think about this… You wouldn’t go on a first date and ask them to marry you, would you?

Obviously NOT, because it would be very weird LOL

You would want to get to know your date, build likeability and trust.  After that,  you would move forward to the next step…

Maybe a second date!

However, in network marketing most marketers make this huge mistake.

They want to make a sale right from the gecko (kind of asking for marriage on a first date) LOL

Now let me be frank with you…

It’s embarrassing to say but I was that guy...

I don’t mean going on a first date and wanting to get married but rather desperately going for the jugular and wanting to make a sale when prospecting.

I was terrible but I know that now… back then I had no idea!


Be More Interested Than Interesting

What I mean is… focus your energy in learning more about your prospect (Lead) rather than talking about yourself or…

  • How great your company is
  • How amazing your compensation plan is
  • How awesome your product or service is
how to generate leads

Although, it’s important for you convey a positive message sharing your passion, and your believe for what you do or promote.  

However, know this, it is NOT the right time for your pitch yet!


Instead here’s the four key elements where your focus should be when you get leads online…

  1. Your prospect's problems
  2. Life challenges and struggles
  3. Pains
  4. Dreams and desires

In addition, to earning your prospect's RESPECT, you’re earning their TRUST...

... building credibility while letting your prospects know that you care about them FIRST.

Become your prospect's friend or consultant!


Although, this appears pretty obvious but most network marketers skip this critical step.

The moment I learned this, I had a huge shift on the way of prospecting and recruiting.

Furthermore, this simple technique radically changed my personal relationships also.

How To Generate Leads

I started to pay more attention to what people said and more importantly what they didn’t say.

Yes, people actually can tell you a lot by not saying anything. (Will talk more about this on another post)

How To Get Leads Online - Prospecting Secrets

The Prospecting Secrets To Build Trust When You Get Leads Online

By now, you probably know that trust is the foundation for doing business with anyone...

Yet, most network marketers have the idea that prospecting everyone is the answer for recruiting more people.

In fact, this couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Just because you’re talking to everyone doesn’t mean you’ll have more customers and recruit more people into your team.

You see, the moment I discovered a simple method to only talking to prospects...

  • Who already knew me
  • Who already trusted me

Recruiting them became much easier, faster and nearly on auto-pilot.

More importantly, when the time came to have a phone conversation or a quick zoom chat they were 90% sold on what I have to offer.

Or even better, some prospects even become customers and team builders nearly on complete auto pilot.

Imagine owing the same process for your business...

You can... If you’re open to learn how this simple process can easily work for your business, you’ll want to grab my FREE 10 Days Online Prospecting & Recruiting Bootcamp here…

In fact, my good friend Ferny will explain more in detail about this strategy and how he used it to recruit to passively generate 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and onboard 70–100 new serious business builders each month.

An easy way to quickly build rapport and earn your prospect's trust is to ask a lot of questions and listen very attentively.

You can use the acronym F.O.R.M to help you stay focused and guide you through the recruiting process.
  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Recreation
  • Motivation

You’ll want to be sure the conversation flows and is natural, otherwise, your prospects will feel like you’re interrogating them and will build resistance.

So be careful!

Furthermore, you’ll want to share your story, relate and empathize with your prospect's struggles and pains before you present your solution.

Lastly, if the time is right and you have discovered your prospect’s...

  • Problems
  • Needs
  • Desires

Than this would be the ideal time to present your product, service or opportunity as a solution…

Let’s face it, the bread and butter of any business is the ability to generate more leads than you can handle.

Now that you know what steps to take when you get a lead online or offline...

You just need to know how to generate more leads online and get them to reach out to you to help you build your network marketing business quickly and with ease.

Therefore, you’ll want to grab this FREE 10 Day Online Prospecting and Recruiting Bootcamp here…

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 Hope you got value from today's post on what to do when you get leads online.


Pedro Neves

Pedro Neves
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