Why Growing Your Network Marketing Business WITHOUT Branding Your Company Makes Recruiting Easier, Faster & More Advantageous - Pedro Neves

Why Growing Your Network Marketing Business WITHOUT Branding Your Company Makes Recruiting Easier, Faster & More Advantageous

Sounds rather strange, right? How can you possibly build your network marketing business WITHOUT ever talking about it?

In fact, if you're mentioning the name of your company when prospecting you're making a TERRIBLE mistake regardless of how skeptical you may be thinking right now...

When I first heard about this strategy I completely dismissed that idea.

The TRUTH is, after strugling for over 3 years and following my UPLINE “old school offline” non-sense failing tactics, I realized I was dead WRONG!

The good news is...

You're about to find out how much more effective and easy it is to grow your network marketing business...

By NEVER mentioning the name of your company at work, among friends, family and especially on Social Media...

And the CRAZY thing is...

You'll discover how quickly  you can get more results while building your team much faster and with ease.

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In today's post, you will discover Why Growing Your Network Marketing Business WITHOUT Branding Your Company Makes Recruiting Easier, Faster & More Advantageous

Brand YOU Not Your Company

If you're like most network marketers, including myself, you probably have been advised to promote your company and not your brand (YOU), right?

What I have discovered after struggling for over 3 years in the business...

The company I promote Is not mine, just like your nework marketing company  is not yours either... (Let me explain)

Are you the owner or the CEO of your network marketing company?

Probably not, right?

Can you make decisions or even have a say in your company compensation plan, product, and services?

Can you even make any changes to your company's website and the information available besides your personal information?

And do you actually own the website?

Chances are, you said "NO" to all the above, right?

We could go on and on but you get the point...

The only thing you own is your brand and not your network marketing company.

Now, I'm not saying that network marketing companies are misleading distributors.

What I'm saying is building YOUR BRAND is way more important for your success...

Especially if you're looking to build your business online.

So if you’ve been trying to figure out ways of building your business online, because of "old-school" methods that aren't working like...

  • Hosting parties and hotel meetings
  • Making a list of 100
  • Talking to friends & family
  • Using the 3 foot rule

Here’s why you should brand YOU and not your network marketing company...

Your brand is you... Brand YOU!

How To Build Your Brand?

Building your brand is actual simpler than what you may think or have been told but every action you take in your business results in either…

  • Being more likeable, or less likeable
  • Having more credibility, or less credibility
  • Improving your reputation, or trashing it
  • Being memorable, or forgettable

After spending thousands of dollars in courses, coaching, and mentorship from the industry's best I can now share some wisdom with you.

Think about this...

Every person you talk to, you either leave a good impression or a bad impression.

So if someone chooses to never talk to you again, because they think you’re creepy and weird after you tried to prospect them at a mall, or a coffee shop then…

In their view, that's your brand!

The only thing unique about you is YOU...

...And not your product, service or opportunity.

In fact, the chances are there are 10's of thousands of network marketers promoting the same product as you.

So why should people buy from you or join you and not someone else?

Answering the following 6 questions will help you build your brand

  • 1) What do you fight for?
  • 2) What makes you different from everyone else?
  • 3) What skills do you have that most people don't?
  • 4) What kind of experience do you bring to your audience
  • 5) What do you stand against?
  • 6) Who are you going serve?


If you're thinking of branding yourself which I strongly recommend then you must know the 7 REASONS why you want to BRAND YOU... and not your company.

#1 Would you agree that people build business and not the other way around?

As you already know people buy and do business with people they know, like and trust.

People join PEOPLE!

If you become a leader and your prospect sees you as an expert (even if you're not yet) people will want to work with you...

And they will want to JOIN you!

#2 Companies come and go, but you aren't going anywhere.

Typically traditional businesses don't survive more than their first year.

And in network marketing isn't any different.

As a matter of fact, 90% of network marketing companies are gone after 12 months.

Imagine you put your heart and soul branding your network marketing company and then something bad happens?

We all have heard WAY too many horror stories and the last thing you want to do is be in a situation with ZERO income because your company closed doors.


You have to start all over again?

Or isn't it best to build your business around you and your brand instead of building it on quicksand...

#3 A lot of people don’t know how to build their business online (without being annoying!)

Many distributors take the same awkward, repulsive recruiting strategies they’ve been taught to do offline, and make the problems worse online – and still produce zero results!

In the end, this ends up ruining their reputation.

They’re just doing social media recruiting all wrong.

They come off salesy and pushy, and before too long, people block them on social media.

Okay, so think about that for a second... What are they doing?

Well, they’re building their brand, just not in a good way.

Their brand is being defined as a “spammer.”

They are now that guy that people need to unfriend or block on social media.

All of these actions will just guarantee loss of customers and team builders.

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Keep In mind building a brand has nothing to do with how much money you make, or have.

  • It doesn't have anything to do with you.
  • It's all about them ( Your prospect).
  • It's about the people you're going to help and serve.
#4 People shouldn’t be able to figure out which company you’re with

…from your social media profile.

And why is that?

Like I mentioned earlier, people join people and people buy from people they know, like and trust...

Your brand is not this big intangible idea.

Your brand is based on what people think how much you can help them.

If you’re perceived as someone who can help people achieve their goals or solve a problem in their life, that means you are building a positive brand and people will want to join you or buy from you.

That ultimately serves the interest of the company, by helping you make more sales on their behalf.

On the other hand...

When you post stuff about your company & products, in lieu of developing your brand, you are diminishing the role you play in the eyes of your followers.

Remember, people can literally go search the company's name on Google without talking to you and buy the product from someone else or even join someone else.

By posting about your company, you are saying the company plays a bigger role in helping them than you do.

  • You’re just a sales person – an unimportant commodity – they don’t need.

In fact, if you are perceived as a sales person...

  • You are repelling your prospects!
  • You're building resistance
  • They will read a bunch of negative stuff on Google and not want to talk to you.

Obviously, in a business that relies on trust and relationships, the prospect NEEDS YOU.

There is a time & place to talk about the company, but that’s only when you present the product or opportunity to someone, not when you are prospecting or marketing in public.

Create a little mystery and curiosity, by focusing on what you can do for people or help them with.

And if you haven’t figured it out already, all these lessons apply to building OFFLINE, as well as ONLINE.

DO NOT diminish the critical role you play as an advisor and expert in the eyes of your prospect.

Great networkers position themselves as advisors (not sales people), who can help others get what they want.

Now, the reason I prefer building online is this…

#5 “Old school” methods make true business-building nearly impossible if you’re a busy person

For instance, think about the time it takes to do a single home meeting.

If I do one home meeting — if I’m lucky — I might have 5 people there.

And most of the time, if I’m doing home meetings, I’m doing maybe two, three a week at most.

Now, think about the investment of time, one evening, 12 prospects, maybe 1 joins…

Or if you’re going to spend a couple hours doing 1-on-1’s!

That’s an even more inefficient way of doing things.

And think about it this way…

During that SAME two hours, you’re meeting with somebody at a coffee shop, or conducting a home meeting…

You could expose your business on the Internet to at least twelve people!

Meaning you talked to them about what you can help them accomplish and you referred them directly into whatever presentation process for enrolling them as a customer or new team member

So, the choice is this…

#6 Introduce the business to one or two people…or 12 people…every two hours… any time of day?

Which one would you choose?

That's a pretty obvious and easy answer, right?

But I know what you're thinking...

How do I get started and how do I do it?

For me, everything changed when my mentor Ferny Ceballos shared this free digital prospecting bootcamp...

Basically, he taught me and thousands of other struggling network marketers on how to connect with a lot more people, faster.

And on how to brand on a mass scale where you can…

  • Reach literally millions of people
  • Scale your business to whatever heights you want
  • Build a brand that extends beyond your network marketing business
  • Create multiple streams of income (if you want)
  • Recruit en masse

Using these methods, with an online presentation, you can basically enroll a few hundred or even a few thousand people in one evening — once you’ve built your brand to that level.

Yes, it takes a little time to learn the skillsets...

But if you're serious about growing your business why not learn it the RIGHT WAY!

So if you’d like to learn more about it…

#7 How to build a positive brand (whether you’re building online or offline)

…then I highly recommend you learn more by signing up for my FREE Digital Recruiting Bootcamp.

While it is very possible to build your network marketing business offline, the way I’m providing you is much easier, efficient and quicker in combination with network marketing fundamentals.

In fact, I've applied the strategies from the 5-Day Recruiting Bootcamp and have passively generated over 1257 leads in just 6 months and...

Recruited as much as 10 new people in a 30 day period without ever prospecting a single person or leaving the comfort of my home.

The best part is, you could probably do a lot better...

Now think about this...

If you were to have the tools to build your business automatically—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—ready to sign up and get busy.

So if you're ready to get started…

Simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to my 5-Day Digital Recruiting Bootcamp.

Hope you enjoyed today's blog, Why Growing Your Network Marketing Business WITHOUT Branding Your Company Makes Recruiting Easier, Faster & More Advantageous


Pedro Neves

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