How To Overcome Objections In Network Marketing

How To Overcome Objections In Network Marketing

Are you still having trouble to overcome objections in network marketing when presenting your business?


The good news is you’re not alone and there is a solution.

I’m going to share with you the exact FORMULA I use to how to overcome the most common objections in network marketing…

And eliminate the feeling of rejection by your friends, family and much more.

You see… I remember being in your shoes when I began my journey in Network Marketing. I didn’t expect so many objections from my family and my so-called friends. And much less was I prepared to overcome them.

Although, quickly I realized a common trend of objections in network marketing that kept coming up such as;

  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t have the money
  • I am not a salesperson
  • I need to think about it
  • Isn’t that a pyramid scheme?

I would like to think I am a peoples person. Yet not having any experience or background in sales. Handling objections was a difficult skill to learn at first.

As a matter of fact, I dreaded and used to freeze when any of the above objections came up.

I realized that I needed to develop such skill if I wanted to be a leader. And recruit more people into my network marketing business.

Struggling To Overcome Objections In Network Marketing?

Here are some critical rules to be aware.

  • Don’t be emotionally attached to the outcome
  • Use the Feel Felt Found strategy
  • Assume all your prospects are going to get started
  • Don’t get into an argument or discussion or even attempt to convince anyone
  • Keep your posture
  • Accept the fact that not everyone will join your business
  • Enjoy and have fun with the process

Something To Keep In Mind

The first things that come to mind when most prospects take a look at your business ARE:

  • Is It worth it?
  • Will you help me?
  • Can I do it?

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For a long time, I never understood there was a FORMULA to follow after presenting the business plan.

You see… right after I shared my plan, I would get into a convincing mode…

Kept on talking about how great my company and compensation plan was …

How great of a mission my company had…

How amazing my upline was…

And how much money we were going to make…

Can you relate?

When I look back now, I realize all the wrong things I was doing. Not only did I fail but I was failing my family.

I had no skill and I was stuck in my own ways.

I was actually creating more resistance and building objections in the prospect mind.

Remember This 4 Letter Word KISS

  • K- Keep
  • I- It
  • S- Simple
  • S- Stupid

If you are wondering why I am telling you to remember “KISS” let me explain…

Most network marketers over explain and provide more information than necessary. What they ought to do instead is to keep the presentation short, sweet and to the point.

When your prospect THINKS or BELIEVES he has to learn all what you said. They immediately come up with several objections as to why they can’t do this business.

What’s NEXT…

Before you answer any objections you MUST identify which objection your prospect has.

You see…

 <img draggable=If you can’t identify or isolate the real objection then you can’t overcome it. <img draggable=

How To Handle I Don’t Have The Time Objection


This is a great opportunity to share a third party or your own personal story.

Share how busy your life was but you still found a way to make it work.

Ask them how much free time they have or how much time they think it takes to build a part-time business?

Let them know most successful people build their business part-time. This will let them know they can do it too.

Ask them if you were to work with them and help them find time would they be ready to get started?

How To Overcome The Money Objection

Here is what you can say…

  • ” Is the money the real reason why you won’t get started today or is there any other reason? “

Identify if that’s the real objection.

You need to ask important questions… and NEVER assume.

  • ” How much money do you have right now?

Share a story of someone that you know who has a similar situation to your prospect and share the results.

Remind them that if they don’t have the money, this would be a reason why they need the business more then anyone else!

If I find someone who is serious and wants to get started but doesn’t have the money.

Then I share creative ideas on how the prospect can find money and help them design a “find money plan”.

For example:

I share stories of other prospects that had a garage sale. Others sold gold or auctioned household items on eBay and craigslist. And some even borrowed money from a friend, family or even took out a loan.

How To Overcome I AM Not A Sales Person Ojection

Here’s what you can say…

  • ” Fantastic… I’m not a sales person either and I don’t want to be one. As the matter of fact, we are not looking for salespeople. “
  • ” We educate people and we are looking for sharp people like yourself who like to help others. “

Let your prospect know… 

  • ” I understand how you feel about not wanting to be a salesperson. But if I didn’t think you were able to do this I wouldn’t be talking to you. “

How To Overcome I Need To Think About It Objection

Asking the following very strategic questions will help up identify your prospect the real objection.

  • What is that you need to think about? ” 
  • “What questions do you need to be answered? “
  • ” Do you need to think about it or this your kind way of saying this is not for you? “

How To Overcome Isn’t That A Pyramid Scheme Objection?

My first year in network marketing I used to get this question asked quite often and i stumbled at my answer.

Now if I get this question I ask the following:

  • ” Are you looking for a pyramid scheme? “
  • ” Have you ever been involved in a pyramid scheme before? “
  • ” You know that pyramid schemes are illegal right? “

I make the point that I would never get involved in something illegal.

  • ” I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to get involved with something that is illegal. “
  • ” I would never put myself and/or my family in that situation. “

Then quickly get back and focus on the business so you don’t appear to be defensive and ask…

  • ” Are there any other questions or are you ready to get started? “

==> Always go back to the closing question <==

The best way I found to overcome objections is to stick to the prospect needs, desires, pains and focus on answering their objections.

Once I overcome the objection, I ask if there are any other questions? If there are no further questions, I ask the closing question…

  • ” Are you ready to get started? “


Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale <img draggable=

And remember if you aren’t getting any of the above objections. The chances are, you don’t have enough people to talk to…

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Hope you enjoyed today's blog on how to overcome the most common objections in network marketing.


Pedro Neves


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