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How The '30 Min Social Enrollment System' Predictably Converts Social Followers Into A Stream Of New Customers & Ready To Join Teammates Into Your Team

We All Need A Proven, Predictable System That Ensures A Flood Of Hot Prospects So We Can Enroll Serious Team Builders FAST Into Our Business Starting Today.

The '30 Min Social Enrollment Machine' Is That Proven System...

WITHOUT Making Phone Calls, Begging Your Friends or Posting on Social Media Around the Clock!

297 HOT Prospects... 25 New Enrollments... 4 Rank Advancements In 90 Days... PLUS 4 Figure Commissions In a Single 1 Day

...These Shocking Yet REAL RESULTS Were Achieved Without Wasting A Single Minute Prospecting Another Friend & Family Member 

...Hosting Home Meetings or In-boxing Strangers With Awkward Copy/Paste Massages on Social Media!

Dear Friend, my name is Pedro Neves...

And if you're currently struggling to get prospects to PAY attention to what you're promoting...

Enrolling prospects is a constant dreaded and painful mission...

  • You're sick and tired of chasing friends and family... 
  • You've burned through your warm list...
  • You feel exhausted dragging people to meetings...
  • You're getting crickets when posting on Facebook about your product or business
  • You HATE selling...

And if you feel your business is on the verge of collapsing then...

We Have a Solution for You...

This 4-Step Proven Enrollment Formula is what helped me to breakthrough the tedious daily 'Old School Prospecting Activities' keeping me stuck on the same rank for 3.5 years...

Questioned by family if I was crazy for getting involved in a "Pyramid Scheme" and laughed at by my so called friends.

I started feeling depressed and began to question myself, if there was something WRONG with me...

After all I'd been successful at everything I had done up until this point... So how could this business be so "damn" difficult", Right?

To make matters worse...

I was spending more money in the products auto-ship, travelling, paying for prospects coffee's and marketing materials than I was making.

It got so BAD...

My wife felt she had a 'missing husband' and an 'absent father'...

Between working a full time job, wasting time hosting hotel meetings, travelling to regional company events, doing 3 way-calls, and messaging people on social media..

...I barely had ANY TIME to fulfill my family obligations.

And I HATED IT every single minute!

Fortunately, just when I was about to throw in the towel something EXTRAORDINARY happened...  

I Discovered the Simplest And QUICKEST Way To Attract & Enroll New Team Members Requiring ZERO Prospecting

Consisting of 4 simple steps...

Interestingly,  the vast majority of Network Marketers are already doing it today on Social Media...

The problem is...

They are doing IT INCORRECTLY...  "And So was I" 

And the chances are you're doing it also but it's not even YOUR Fault.

Which leads me to talk about...

The 4-BIGGEST MYTHS In Network Marketing...

  • Everyone Is Your Prospect...
  • You Only Need Three People To Be Successful...
  • Network Marketing Is A Numbers Games...
  • You're Only One Person Away  From Exploding Your Business

Let's think about this for a quick moment...

Although, theoretically these statements sound good and it may be true 'yet only in rare occasions'...

I’ve met people who personally sponsored HUNDREDS into their company and never got their business off the ground.

Some 'including myself' have prospected thousands of people using 'Outdated Prospecting Methods' yet it felt like I was the only one seeing the "OPPORTUNITY".

Most believed it was a "Pyramid Scheme"...

...while others were simply not interested or were not looking for an additional stream of income. 

So if you've heard... "The more people you talk to, the more people you’re going to recruit. This is a number game.”

Or "You're only one person away to exploding your team"

Let me SAVE you some embarrassment, frustration, and time.

Because It's completely FALSE!


Still today, there are Network Marketers preaching to their downlines and continue to spread false sense of hope that winning lottery ticket is just one rep away or network marketing is a numbers games.

Although I was SUCKED in to believe these myths were true...

What I Discovered One Night After Investing Endless Of Hours Online Searching For a Better Way to Grow My Business Completely SHOCKED ME

I discovered the most effective online prospecting strategy that only 1% of the 1% of Network Marketers are using TODAY to creating a Massive Influx of New Prospects, Sales, and Enrollments...

At first, I thought how could this even be possible?

Here I'm harassing my warm market, hosting home parties, hotel meetings...

And leaving my wife and newborn son (at that time) at home while out late walking shopping centers prospecting strangers using 3-foot rule...

Yet here’s a guy generating leads, and building his business without leaving the comfort of his home.

In fact, his EXACT Results Were...

1732 Recruits In 30 Days!

At that precise moment I made the decision and commitment to master a few simple yet very powerful skills to NEVER having to prospect a single person AGAIN...

While generating 1000's of quality leads, making sales and getting new enrollments in my business nearly by pushing a button using the internet.

Now Imagine if you were to completely eliminate rejection, frustration, or embarrassment.

What would it feel like to having...

No more lames excuses to why people don't buy from you or enroll in your team?

What would your business look like...

If you only were to get and deal with HIGH QUALITY prospects, who aren’t going to haggle you or throw some stupid “is this a pyramid” objection?

That's what you'll uncover when you grab my 4-Step Formula that I put together and named...

Here's What You'll Get In Each Module:

MODULE 1: Identity Your Ideal Social Follower ($497 Value)

  • Discover how to identify who is your perfect follower, where to find them, how to attract and help them, so you’ll never again waste time prospecting the wrong people ever again
  • You’ll discover the hidden fears and the core motivators, so when you have a conversation you'll make more sales, get more customers & enroll more team members with ease 
  • PLUS, you’re going to get a FILL in the black template, so you have the short cut over this entire process

MODULE 2: The Social Follower Amplifier ($497 Value) 

  • How to set up your Social Follower Machine so that you’ll never again waste time prospecting tire kickers
  • You're going to discover how to Attract & Grow a never ending of HIGHLY responsive social followers, so that you will never run out of ready to join prospects to enroll in your business
  • Discover how to SPY on your competition, steal their best prospects so that you can recruit with easy and build your team faster.
  • How to create valuable and engagement content  for your followers to thrive on so they stick around and beg you for more information

MODULE 3: The Social Influence Builder ($497 Value)

  • This is all about building trust, and good will with your following so that you’re perceived  as an authority, and thought leader in your nitch
  • Going to learn 3 BEST strategies to stand out from the crowd, so you create influence over your following, build rapport  FAST, be perceived as a trust advisor  while getting followers to ask how they can join your team
  • Learn the Social Media RULES of engagement so that your social account doesn’t get blocked and frozen from doing business
  • Discover the top 3 reasons WHY people hangout on Social Media so you can  enroll more customers & new  team members rejection free

MODULE 4: The 30 Min Social Enrollment Method ($997 Value)

  • •You’re going to learn how to enroll new team members using my revolutionary ‘Diagnostic Enrollment Method so you can  enroll team members in 30 mins or less without having to convince, being pushy or using hard core selling tactics
  • Discover my ‘Social Conversion Questioner’ that gets your prospects begging you on how they can join your business so you can grow a big team fast without rejection
  • Get my Best ‘10 Enrollment Questions template so you will never get stuck when having social enrollment conversations

MODULE 5: 4-Live Implementation Sessions ($1,197 Value)

  • Get all the help you need to implement every single lesson you learn
  • Get your questions immediately answered without having to wait days or weeks
  •   Everyone knows Live Implementation sessions is the fastest WAY to help you getting the results you want

And in case you’re wondering…

“Will This Work For My Business?”


If the success of your business is at mercy of your ability to attract highly qualified prospects who want and need your products… as well as super motivated people, with an entrepreneurial mindset, who are ready to TAKE ACTION NOW…

… then the answer is, ABSOLUTELY!

Whether your product is…

  • Health and Wellness
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Travel
  • Forex
  • Marketing
  • E-Commerce

Any Kind of Service
… this very unique social media strategy will absolutely help you attract, boost your conversations so you can enroll sign up more customers and enroll more team members.

Total Value: $ 3,685.00

Get This Exclusive Time Sensitive Offer For Rediculous Price Of $97 Today!

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Here's What Some Peope Are Saying...

Brandy Shaver, Gunnison, UT

 6 Figure Network Marketer & Trainer

Justin Eagan, Austin, TX

Top Nework Marketer Producer & Trainer

Ed Zimbardi, Braselton, GA

Peak Performance Mentor & Coach 

What Else Will You Get... 

BONUS #1- 30 Min Strategy Call ($150 Value)

  • Get a 1-on-1 call to help you kick start your business with a marketing expert. Someone who KNOWS how to get results and will help YOU take action, implement every step of the process, and accelerate your success.
  • You’re going to learn how to enroll new team members using my revolutionary enrollment method

BONUS #2- Done For Your Work Templates ($197 Value)

  • Get done for you work templates to short cut your success 

BONUS #3- Facebook Support Group ($997 Value)

  • Get get instant support and feedback so you won't get stuck
  • Post your work, mastermind and ask questions
  •  Get the help you need inside this interactive private member’s area.

BONUS #4 -The Ultimate Facebook Posting Guide E-Book ($99 Value)

  • The psychological trigger that gets people to comment on your posts ... so that you never run out of prospects... (page 6)
  • How to create a wining post using a PROVEN 5 step formula... that gets your prospects begging you for more information about your products, service or opportunity... (page 7)
  • The best times to post on Facebook and what you should post... to SKYROCKET your engagement getting you more LIKES, SHARES and COMMENTS ... (page 8)
  • What NEVER to say in your chats... many networkers make this innocent mistake and fuel their prospects' existing skepticism... forcing them to put up their guard.  You’ll discover how to AVOID this and create rapport instead… as well as immediately stack the odds of recruiting them in YOUR favor.

Total Value: $3,685.00

Get This Exclusive Sensitive Time Offer For Only $97 Today!


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I look forward to seeing you inside the members area and hearing about your success with this powerful Social Enrollment Machine.


Pedro Neves



Enjoy an entire 30 days of this course and the benefits to your business.

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